Message From Dean

Professor Leslie CHEN, JP

Graduation could be seen as a farewell to the young and frivolous years of our student days; but it could also be visioned as a beginning, the beginning of a more mature stage of our life. Looking back on the past few years at FDE, my most sincere appreciation goes to our students for their unending search for excellence, and the unfailing dedication of our teachers, administrative, and technical colleagues. I hope our students will enter the society with good memories and embark on another phase of pursuing their refined goals.

The COVID-19 epidemic has swept the world and has continued to this day, and it has had an indelible and profound impact on the lives of each of us. The epidemic has forced us to be separated and be confined to almost solitary spaces; it even makes us feel anxiety and powerlessness for the future more than ever before. However, when there is a crisis, there is an opportunity. Perhaps, we also sharpen our tenacity, learn to be optimistic and cherish everything we have taken for granted before. This also can mean that we are more capable of survival, and success, than ever before.

The fact that our students continued to participate and win many awards in the last two years is an excellent demonstration of our collective optimistic spirit and tenacity, leading to success.

Many of us are often obsessed with the pursuit of ideals, but many times we may feel “lost.” We may make many silly mistakes, and experience many uncomfortable failures. However, reflecting on and learning from mistakes and failures is the way we progress and evolve. Only when adversity comes can we really know ourselves and the people around us. Discomfort can strip away those non-essential cravings, and force us to face ourselves and focus our energy on the essentials.  We can gain wisdom from frustration. The wisdom we gain shall help us to overcome future challenges, to ‘transmogrify’ ourselves and succeed.

It was indeed a year of challenges, it was a year of transmogrification. It was also an enabling year equipping us for our future success.

Speaking of essentials, I believe our students are future ready, equipped with creative perspectives and practical technical know-hows. With the additional wisdom developed from various adversities experienced, I am confident that our students are geared for success in all of their future endeavours.

Congratulations to the graduates of the Faculty of Design and Environment.


Professor Leslie CHEN, JP