Message From Fashion Design Program Leader

Ms. Alice CHU

Congratulations to the graduating class of  2021!

Throughout these years, we have witnessed  your hard work and devotion to your studies. It has been a long, perhaps exhausting and not always funs, but certainly a fruitful and rewarding journey.  You have  overcome different challenges and finished your programme.  Indeed it is our pleasure to walk alongside you as you grow and blossom into a mature person through  various learning experiences.  This graduation exhibition is something that you can be proud of as a symbol of your achievements, skills and qualification.

Despite the challenge of COVID-19 pandemic that has brought many hindrances to completing your graduating collection, we can see   perseverance, dedication and strokes of brilliance in your masterpieces. Please keep channeling that passion of yours in the creation of future works. We believe that you will shine brightly and brilliantly in the years to come.

Today marks an important milestone for your career, one of the many more you will reach in life. In the years ahead, you may face uncertainties, but they should not be a personal impediment but rather an opportunity to transform you to be more creative in your approaches to solve problems. I am confident that you will be a valuable addition to the fashion industry.

I wish you every success in your new chapter of life!


Ms. Alice CHU
Fashion Design Program Leader