Message From Landscape Architecture Program Leader

Mr. Jevi KWOK

My warmest congratulations to all graduates of THEi, and you are a graduating class like no other. Due to the pandemic, we know this has been a common exercise to all schools, and we are learning from you at least as much as you are learning from us: the digital teaching and learning experience, and rules of digital behaviour. No other graduating class has had to experience such change! You should know that probably only be the start of your journey, you will continue to face challenges, ups and downs, sweets and bitters. And now, we celebrate what got us here: assignments, projects, desk crits, presentations, exams, and even the social movement. The pandemic did not erase your achievements, your talents, and your creativity!

It has been said that creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes, and the art is knowing which ones to keep. So, do not be afraid to fail, only be afraid not to try. The fusion of critical and design thinking has always been embedded in landscape architecture training so that you can be both competent and creative, both pragmatic and poetic, both grounded and visionary. Yet, always with a humble and open-minded attitude.

So, to our graduates, I wish you all successes in whatever you endeavour including all the so-called “mistakes” that are necessary to make true success possible. Following your dreams and applying the many transferable skills you have learned in your years at school. I know that your generation will be able to contribute to shaping a better world for the future that we all want.


Mr. Jevi KWOK
Landscape Architecture Program Leader