Message From Product Design Program Leader

Dr. Tristance KEE

Congratulations to Product Design graduates!

You have accomplished an exceptional year of achievements by coping with the changes and challenges from the hybrid model of learning and overcoming the bumpy ride on the roller coaster of “New Normal” this year.

I am thrilled to witness your continual hard work in new product innovation. I am most proud to see the wide range of research that came out of this year’s cohort, including modular 3D print planting system, technology-driven household products and larger scale landscape seating projects, etc.  Some of you have collaborated with other Programmes including Engineering, Multimedia, Computer Technology and Horticulture to gain knowledge and skills across different disciplines. These collaborative moves are quintessential in fostering more partnership within the THEi community.

Reach far and touch the sky!  I am sure once you have overcome this hard time, anything along your way will become a breeze.

Best of luck and we cannot wait to see all of you shine bright in your career!


Dr. Tristance KEE
Product Design Program Leader