Message From Product Design Program Leader

Dr. Sonny CHOY

Allow me to congratulate each one of you on your graduation. Over these four years I have witnessed your hard work, dedication and commitment to your studies. You will now open a new and wonderful chapter in your lives.

As your Programme leader, I am so proud of the way you have demonstrated exceptional creativity, teamwork, discipline, innovation, and positive spirit. This is the basis for success in your future careers. You have also shown grit and resilience in facing the many societal challenges that Hong Kong has seen in the past four years. With online classes and gradual resumption of face-to-face lessons, I am so pleased that we were able to work together face to face for your final year of your degrees.

Despite the challenges, you have persevered and remained focused on your goals of becoming a professional product designer. You have continued to learn and grow, and your ability to adapt to changing circumstances reflects your great strength and determination.

Your achievements are not only a reflection of your hard work but also a testament to the support and guidance provided by your professors, mentors, family, and friends. I take this opportunity to thank them for their staunch support and encouragement throughout your academic journey.

I wish to share that your careers will be enriched by all the experiences related to the world of work but also your own passions and interests. There may be times when thing may seem overwhelming or difficult to bear. Remember that hurdles may be inevitable, but it is how you respond to these set-backs and challenges that will decide whether you succeed. Always chase your dreams with a passion and conviction. Let your inner voice always be heard and follow a path that is true to your heart.

The power to create innovation for society that solves real problems and benefits the global community is now fully within your grasp. I have no doubt that you will continue to excel and make a difference in your chosen paths.

Congratulations on your graduation, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.


Dr. Sonny CHOY
Product Design Program Leader